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Guinness Wheelchair Basketball

Guinness TV spot

By Ilan Adler

This one minute short for Guinness Beer hits the nail on the head for buddies enjoying being together. It’s refreshing to see a beer commercial that doesn’t have to be juvenile, chauvinist, or downright stupid, to get you to care about the product.

Well done Guinness, well done:

Moreing – Great ad campaign by Boost

Moreing by Boost

By Ilan Adler

Moreing is a funny, yet visually stimulating ad campaign about the Boost bar, produced by Cadbury of Australia. In this video short they take the meaning of “moreing” to a whole new level, as evidenced by the beauty of the things which the “artist” has made better by making “more of”. A very clever viral ad campaign that definitely got lots of people talking about the product, along with fellow marketers who were impressed by the execution of the idea.


Boost Moreing from The Glue Society on Vimeo.