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Waiting for our Second Baby Girl

I’m now in my final trimester of pregnancy with our second baby girl. So I was looking at some videos and saw this one. It was so true and was made in such a good way that I felt I had to post it. Enjoy!

Handle With Care from ticktockrobot on Vimeo.

Put on Some Damn Sunscreen Already!

My friends used to laughed at me that I’m so white that I re-apply my sunscreen every hour.

Lets see how your skin will look like in a couple of years.


SEO Friendly Wedding Gift Card

A Wedding Card Optimized for SEO…

By Ilan Adler

A colleague of mine, Shira Blank, recently got married. Shira is the main content writer on the SEO/Content team, and does fantastic work. I thought that I would geek out and have a little fun with her wedding card, making it SEO friendly. Check it out below:

A wedding gift card optimized for seo purposes