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Casey Neistat – A YouTube Hero

Casey Neistat, YouTube Hero and fascinating storyteller

By Ilan Adler

Me and Shalhevet have been following Casey Neistat’s YouTube videos for quite some time now. Besides the fact that he is now well established and get generous amounts of budget money to do practically whatever he wants, he still has his own unique and personal touch on the films that he makes. I really think that we can learn a lot from him, as Casey is of a rare breed, a true storyteller. This is enhanced even further by the equipment that he uses (while his studio has expanded, a lot of his shots are still from simple point and shoot cameras), his flat editing style (he still edits all his films on iMovie 6!), and his DIY typography and design. In spite of all the lack of fancy editing and cinema quality shots, Casey still can take a mundane subject, and make a truly interesting short film out of it. Besides offering a fresh perspective on the subject matter, these shorts are very enjoyable (as evidenced by his ever growing subscriber base), and keep people coming back for more. He has also taken commercial projects to a whole new level, most famously captured in his #MakeItCount short made on Nike’s dime.

I’ve created a playlist of twelve very different Neistat videos that I have enjoyed and watched and enjoyed over the last couple of years.

Let us know what your favorites are in the comments below!