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Four Awesome Breaking Bad Parodies

Get Cookin’ with these Breaking Bad Parodies!

By Ilan Adler

Breaking Bad is arguably one of the greatest TV shows of the last 30 years. We were absolutely enthralled by it, and watched each episode as soon as it came out. Recently a whole bunch of fantastic Breaking Bad parodies have been hitting the Web, and we thought it would be cool to highlight four of them. These absolutely blew us away, in terms of both production value, comedic factor, and jokes that only fans would get.

Here they are for your viewing enjoyment:

1. “Do you want to build a meth lab?” By Animeme Studios. This one was definitely our favorite! The song is catchy as hell, and the clip is a frame by frame reproduction of the song “Do you want to build a snowman” from the Disney movie “Frozen”. All the insider jokes are in here this, along with fantastic and funny animation. This clip will definitely have you singing “Do you wanna build a meth lab, a rolling RV meth lab” all day!

2. “Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical” by Rhett and Link. This production was also brilliant, featuring both lots of insider jokes and songs, along with the revolutionary concept of airing it as a middle school musical, complete with the appropriate props and effects (big hat tip for the blood effect that happens with Gus’ throat slashing).

3. “This is my Product” by Matthijs_Vlot. Not a classic parody, but an awesome remix nonetheless!

This is my product from Matthijs_Vlot on Vimeo.

4. “Simpsons Breaking Bad Couch Gag“. via Fox Animation. Want to start a mobile cookie cooking lab? Just join Marge Simpson and you’re on the right track to building a chocolate chip cookie empire!

5. One last bonus clip! This isn’t really a Breaking Bad parody, but it’s really cool, kinda funny, and is made from Legos’, which is always cool. Enjoy!


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How Not to Advertise on Adwords

And waste your marketing budget

By Ilan Adler

Groupon is a big company. In fact while writing this post I looked up their market cap, which now sits at $4.71 billion. Yes, billion with a B. So why are they messing up their Adwords ads? How can they possibly expect us to take them seriously when they have ads like this, on a search for “monogram necklace”:


So they expect people to click their ad just because they are using Dynamic Keyword Insertion? Or do their creatives think that people searching for this term aren’t really looking for jewelry, but rather want to take a long needed getaway?

I assume that this error originated in targeting a broad term like “Necklace”, having ads with the aforementioned DKI, and using the same description line 1 +2 text as the other generic ads. Regardless the poor ad quality of this campaign is probably causing problems with their campaign, and they are losing money by having to bid higher. All this from an oversight of not putting such high volume keywords such as this on the negative keyword list.

Groupon, I’m calling you out. With such a large marketing team, mistakes like this should be avoided.