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Apple II Watch DIY Project

DIY Apple II Watch Project

By Ilan Adler

I just stumbled into this fantastic DIY post about a guy who decided to create his very own Apple II watch. This really cool project was created on Instructables by user Aleator777. In fact he released the complete instructions for creating your very own vintage Apple II watch! This includes all parts, what you need to create a 3d printing of, and all other technical specifications. I especially liked some of the “functions” of the watch, like the beeps and bloops that are emitted from the 2 watt speaker.

Check out their awesome video overview of the watch:

What’s even cooler is that the Apple II’s very own designer, engineer and creator Steve Wozniak took time out to create his very own Instructables account so that he could comment on the ingenuity and creativity that Aleator777 used in creating this super cool DIY project:

Steve Woz Instructables

How cool is Woz? Such a cool guy move for signing up to this website and creating an account just to post a nice comment. Indeed receiving such a sweet compliment from one of the premier legends of engineering is one of the coolest things about the virality of the Internet. It just shows you how you can make something  really cool, inspired by a particular product, and actually receive feedback about it from the original maker of said product!


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