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Hey! Above is myself and I think it encapsulates a lot about me in one picture because I like: red lipstick, my cool zebra print jacket, my love of selfies, and me just being myself.

So a little about me: I just turned 26, fashion enthusiast, social media maven, and pop culture aficionado. Now don’t start off thinking I am just another vapid person (I probably am), but I do enjoy art, music, and passionate about my beliefs. I also enjoy reading (LOVE Harry Potter, and I find you weird if you haven’t read or watched the movies) but I mostly read chic lit, or sometimes something more dramatic if the mood strikes me. I grew up in the US, but have now been living abroad for about 8 years. I LOVE the British! I’ll get my hands on anything British, whether it be books, movies, TV, or music. All my favorite genres have a British influence in them.

I have been working as a social media marketer for 4 years and am extremely passionate about all things social. GIFS and memes too! This is my space to share my knowledge in my field.

Stav Adler About Me

Well that’s a whole lot of me.

Here I’ll be sharing things I love and that inspire me, my thoughts on life, and generally anything I feel like.