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Words of Wisdom from David Choe

Kids, Listen to him!

By Ilan Adler

David Choe is a renowned graffiti/street artist, probably best known in the mainstream as the millionaire Facebook painter. As the story goes, Choe was contacted by Sean Parker to paint a mural at Facebook HQ. After talking to Parker and Zuckerberg, Choe was on board with the idea of receiving stock in lieu of cash payment for his work. This stock is now estimated to be worth over 200 million dollars, and this cutesy story has elevated Choes’ name in countless media reports about “the secret millionaire Facebook artist”. Listening to him today on the Adam Carolla Show Podcast, I found David to be an intriguing guest, and I would love for him to come back to the podcast for additional stories and words of wisdom. He just seemed to touch the tip of the iceberg with his stories of his roughnecking as a teenager, his arrest and jail sentence in Japan, and his living in Israel in 94′. In addition I was reminded that David was a contributing reporter on HBO’s fantastic TV series, VICE, notably in the memorable episodes about scrap collecting and thieving in Detroit, and the effects of the legalization of marijuana on the Colorado economy and the local weed scene. Having seen all this I also stumbled onto this gem of a youtube video, via his website. Featuring Choe painting, traveling, and embarking on his adventures. Sometimes you just gotta say “Fuck It!” and don’t let life bring you down!

Where Are You Going?

Street Art in St. Louis

We took this photo on a sidewalk in St. Louis’ Cherokee Street, one of the newest hip neighborhoods there. It features some cool shops, a really cool print press shop called Firecracker Press, and food for those into it. We spotted some of these cool pieces walking around the neighborhood.
Where Are You Going?Steve Jobs Street Art STL

Banksy Himself Spotted in the Upper West Side?

Banksy Himself Spotted in the Upper West Side?

Banksy Spotting in the Upper West Side? By Ilan Adler Me and Shalhevet have always been HUGE Banksy fans. In…

JR is the name, Street Art is the game

Street Art by JR

By Ilan Adler

JR was recently named one of the 50 greatest street artists living today by Complex magazine. This amazing piece of work was spotted between SoHo and NoHo, New York City.