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The Coolest Picture from the Nineties!

Find me a more varied, cooler crew than these dudes!

By Ilan Adler

I recently stumbled onto this amazing picture by way of listening to one of the best podcasts out there; Uhh Yeah Dude, a weekly podcast by two American Americans. Highly recommended. Anyways, this picture is from the 1993 Saturday Night Live show (Season 19 premiere) featuring NBA Legend Charles Barkley as the host and Nirvana as the musical guest.


In this photo you can spot Rupaul, Charles, Muggsy Bogues (The shortest player in NBA history at 5″3), a seemingly very happy looking Kurt Cobain, and even the great Dave Grohl. BTW even the SNL video promoting this episode is fantastic!
I even found an extended version of this picture which gets even cooler – it has the late and legendary Chris Farley as well!

Chris Farley, RuPaul, Muggsy Bouges, Charles Barkley, Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl

I dare anyone to find a more random and more awesome cast of characters than this. This is absolute gold!

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