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The Coolest Picture from the Nineties!

The Coolest Picture from the Nineties!

Find me a more varied, cooler crew than these dudes! By Ilan Adler I recently stumbled onto this amazing picture…

Four Awesome Breaking Bad Parodies

Get Cookin’ with these Breaking Bad Parodies!

By Ilan Adler

Breaking Bad is arguably one of the greatest TV shows of the last 30 years. We were absolutely enthralled by it, and watched each episode as soon as it came out. Recently a whole bunch of fantastic Breaking Bad parodies have been hitting the Web, and we thought it would be cool to highlight four of them. These absolutely blew us away, in terms of both production value, comedic factor, and jokes that only fans would get.

Here they are for your viewing enjoyment:

1. “Do you want to build a meth lab?” By Animeme Studios. This one was definitely our favorite! The song is catchy as hell, and the clip is a frame by frame reproduction of the song “Do you want to build a snowman” from the Disney movie “Frozen”. All the insider jokes are in here this, along with fantastic and funny animation. This clip will definitely have you singing “Do you wanna build a meth lab, a rolling RV meth lab” all day!

2. “Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical” by Rhett and Link. This production was also brilliant, featuring both lots of insider jokes and songs, along with the revolutionary concept of airing it as a middle school musical, complete with the appropriate props and effects (big hat tip for the blood effect that happens with Gus’ throat slashing).

3. “This is my Product” by Matthijs_Vlot. Not a classic parody, but an awesome remix nonetheless!

This is my product from Matthijs_Vlot on Vimeo.

4. “Simpsons Breaking Bad Couch Gag“. via Fox Animation. Want to start a mobile cookie cooking lab? Just join Marge Simpson and you’re on the right track to building a chocolate chip cookie empire!

5. One last bonus clip! This isn’t really a Breaking Bad parody, but it’s really cool, kinda funny, and is made from Legos’, which is always cool. Enjoy!


Interesting Look at Tower of David Squatters

The World’s Tallest Slum

By Ilan Adler

I stumbled onto this short clip taking a look at the Tower of David, an unfinished skyscraper in Caracas, Venezuela. Since the Tower was unfinished, a bunch of people moved in and are now squatting in the tower, up to the 28th floor. If you are a fan of the excellent HBO show “Vice” you will enjoy this 6 minute short.


Fruute By Ferro Concrete

What is Ferro Concrete?

Ferro Concrete is a LA based design company that also revolves around branding. Their site is really cool, especially this one project about fruit.

It was done for a company called Fruute which is a gourmet cookie company that makes amazing looking (and probably yummy) cookies and treats. I really also like the quotes that they had placed on the cookie bags themselves, which is marvelous branding.Fruute cookies with quotes

Fantastic Short About Zero to One Year

Excellent Short About First Year of Life

By Ilan Adler

As people working in the design industry, we run into cool or exciting videos on a daily basis. This is a really cool video that I stumbled onto yesterday. Check it out below:

A Second a Day from Birth. from Sam Christopher Cornwell on Vimeo.