Putchka Design

The Story of Putchka Design

Started in 2013, Putchka Design is a boutique motion design studio with an expertise in digital marketing.

Putchka Design is led by the motion designer Shalhevet Reinman-Adler, who has years of experience in creating breathtaking videos, posters, and other visual designs. With dozens of projects already under her belt, she looks forward to creating innovative new projects.

In addition to working in the design world, Putchka Design also has expertise in digital marketing. Members of our team, like Ilan Adler, are individually qualified in Google Adwords, and are well versed in the immense world of internet marketing, with experience in various fields such as Facebook PPC, CPE advertising, Social media content creation, and much more. Read more about Ilan.

Origins of the name Putchka 

A photo of Putchka relaxing

Putchka aka Baby Amit

Putchka was named after Shalhevet’s first born daughter Amit. There is no clear backstory for how this happened, about a week after she was born, Shalhevet started calling her Putchka, and the name has stuck ever since.