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Things People Google After Game of Thrones

Shit People Googled after the Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale

By Ilan Adler

Game of Thrones is a wildly popular show, not much new in that statement. Every episode, story arc, and character are heavily dissected, analysed and remarked upon in blogs, Reddit, and the mainstream media. But due to the show’s myriad amount of characters, plots and whatnot, after every episode there are things that need to be Googled in order to properly understand them. Since the TV show has reached the point where its a)both starting to vary from the books, along with b) reaching the point where the books have already ended; even having a resident expert is no longer enough. We have to harness the power of the net!

To celebrate the season 5 finale, I’ve listed seven different search terms that had fans fervently googling for additional info on after the episode:

1. Why did Daenerys drop her ring

What the hell was the reason that Daenerys dropped her ring when the Dothraki warriors started surrounding her? Do they remember their old queen? Didn’t a bunch of Dothraki warriors abandon her leadership? I don’t buy this being a “breadcrumb” for Jorah and Daario to find her; instead it makes more sense that she didn’t want the Dothraki to know that she has planned on marrying a nobleman (word is that Dothraki frown upon second marriages).

2. Can Melisandre actually resurrect the dead

It’s probably not a surprise that Melisandre arrived at Castle Black just before Jon Snow got his Julius Caeser treatment from the Night’s Watch. Will she continue to have an impact in the upcoming seasons? Will her infatuation with royal blood continue to take its toll on various characters?

3. Dead guy resurrected game of thrones

Apparently this has happened before.

4. Height wall medieval tower


Which directly leads to the next question….

5. Can you survive 30 foot fall in snow

In a fantasy world with dragons, White Walkers, armies of the dead, and resurrected people, this is a pretty redundant question – We’ll see Sansa and the reborn Theon in the next season of Game of Thrones (maybe with a few bruises).

6. Is Arya Blind

Is she blind for life? Is there a antidote for the “blinding poison” that was used on her? Personally this was my least favorite plot line of the season. They took an interesting character like Arya, and completely bungled it up by tying her up with these many faced gods weirdos. Ugh. I

7. Is Jon Snow DeadJon-Snow-Dead

The question of all questions. The internet is ripe with theories that Jon Snow isn’t dead. From the theory that Jon Snow is actually a Targaryen (the famous R + L = J theory), or Melisandre’s obsession with his supposed royal blood (and the fact that she is conveniently already at Castle Black), people refuse to accept that another major character has been killed off. Forget actor’s Kit Harrington declaration that his part on the show is over, or the director flat out saying “Jon Snow is Dead”, the Internet refuses to accept this, rumors on filming locations, and IMDB credits for Kit Harrington are already sprouting.

Any other Game of Thrones related searches that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!


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