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Top 5 Hashtags for Marketing Your Brand

Use these hashtags for marketing your brand to a younger audience.

By Stav Adler

Stav here with more social media insight!

Thanks to the internet we now have so many ways to market to our audience, whether it be via social media or more traditional online marketing. Something that seems to elude a lot of brands is marketing their product to a younger audience. This younger crowd is known for bringing in the money, but being hard to latch onto, as their interests evolve very quickly. Here are some hashtags that will help your brand be more relevant for targeting young audiences! We all know that using the right hashtag is vital for exposure for your brand on social media. With so many choices it can get a little overwhelming, to say the least.

Always remember to have fun with it; this will make you seem more sincere, as that is ultimately what audiences are attracted to.

Let’s see how you can use to these brands to help market your brand.


For those not in the know, “On Fleek” means that something is very good. As in “I just updated our Putchka blog and it’s on fleek!” This is a very easy hashtag to integrate into your marketing strategy, because your brand is obviously amazing and on fleek.



That #Squad life

All of us have that fantasy of you and your best friends partying on a yacht or just being fabulous. A good way to show you’re not some random faceless company, is to show a picture of you and your co-workers having a blast! #SquadGoals – because not everyone can have THAT much fun at work, right?



What’s #SundayFunday if not to Instagram it all?

This is a phrase that predates hashtag talk but is SO relevant in 2015, especially when you’re instagramming your favorite post-hangover Sunday breakfast. As a brand you can use this hashtag to show a more personal side. Your audience will enjoy seeing a fun side of your brand relaxing on a Sunday, just like they are!


An acronym for “throwback Thursday” this could be used to bring back a classic, or remind your audience of a product you want to use again.  “#TBT to our first #Putchka video.”


Slay means to be doing something really amazingly. Like how you’re going to do when you present use of these hashtags in your marketing strategy. “John’s strategy slayed after he started using more relevant hashtags to market the brand.”

Remember not to use all these gems at once or you will come off as insincere. Use them once in a while, and surprise your audience, in a good way. And no, hashtags are not just for social media; use them on your site to instantly make a connection between you and your viewers.

How will you use these hashtags? Got any more you think it will intrigue the younger crowd? Let us know!


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